World of O Poll

Poll: Best of Orienteering 2006

Welcome to the poll for the "Orienteering achievement of the year 2006" and the "Junior of the year 2006". The poll is organized by the two major sources for international orienteering news - the website World of O and the magazine Orienteering Today. The poll will be open in the following two categories from December 18th until January 18th: Follow the links to give your vote. For rules and prizes, see below.


Rules and prizes

  1. You can only vote once in each of the categories (if several people share one internet connection, only one can vote, as the IP address is used to identify the voter along with the email-address of the voter).
  2. Among all people voting, a minimum of 10 prizes will be drawn. The prizes will be organized by the magazine Orienteering Today, and will include some one-year subscriptions for the magazine Orienteering Today and prizes from various sponsors which will be announced later.
  3. OrienteeringToday will provide prizes to the person who is voted to have made the "Orienteering achievement of the year 2006" and to the Junior of the year 2006".
  4. All winners will be made public in the January edition of OrienteeringToday which is published at 31/1/2007, and at the Website World of O in a countdown manner. A big presentation of the winner of the "Orienteering achievement of the year 2006" and the "Junior of the year 2006" will be made in the magazine OrienteeringToday.
  5. Help making the "Best of Orienteering 2006 Poll" as representative for the orienteering community as possible! Among all orienteering related websites with on average more than 50 visits a day linking to the poll using the small image to the right or writing a news story about the poll, three prizes will be drawn. The first prize is a text add for two months on the front page of World of O under "Sponsored links" for any orienteering related site (must not be the one with the link to the poll on) and + a one year subscription on Orienteering Today. The second and third prizes are one month text adds on the front page of World of O. Please send an email to and point out the address of the site to be included in the drawing. Sites with on average 500 daily visitors or more will be weighted tripple in the drawing.