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Poll: Ultimate Junior Orienteer of 2008 - Men

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Welcome to the poll for the Ultimate Junior Orienteer of 2008 - Men, organized by World of O and Ultimate Orienteering. The poll will be open from November 18th until November 25th.
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» Interview with Søren Bobach
» Runner profile Søren Bobach

Søren Bobach
Nominated for
Two bronze medals in Junior World Orienteering Champs in Gothenburg - over the sprint and middle distance. In addition very good runs on the big relays - Jukola and 10Mila.

Søren Bobach started the spring season of 2008 very good - with very good runs on 10Mila and Jukola. Injuries made preparations for JWOC less than ideal, but Bobach still returned home from Gothenburg with two bronze medals at this years Junior World Champs.

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» Interview with Ulf Forseth Indgaard
» Runner profile Ulf Forseth Indgaard

Ulf Forseth Indgaard
Nominated for
Two medals in the Junior World Championships in Gothenburg this year - silver medal at the middle distance and bronze in the relay.

Ulf Forseth Indgaard just received the prize of "Surprise of the Year" in Norwegian Orienteering after his all junior team took a silver medal in the senior champs Relay in Norway this year. Forseth Indgaards major highlights this year were his two medals at the Junior World Champs in Gothenburg.

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» Interview with Stepan Kodeda
» Runner profile Stepan Kodeda

Stepan Kodeda
Nominated for
Winning the gold medal at JWOC sprint in Gothenburg this year.

Stephan Kodeda, who has lived in Sweden for most of the last months before JWOC to prepare, won the sprint at JWOC in Gothenburg - his highlight of the year. His next big Goal will be WOC in Norway in 2010.

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» Interview with Johan Runesson
» Runner profile Johan Runesson

Johan Runesson
Nominated for
Winning the silver medal at JWOC sprint, the gold medal at JWOC middle distance, the gold medal at JWOC long distance and the gold medal at JWOC relay in Gothenburg this year, and his participation as a junior in the World Cup 2008 program

In 2007 Johan Runesson performed not as strong as he has hoped for. This year JWOC was the higlight of 2008 for Runesson winning the silver medal at sprint, the gold medal at middle distance, long distance and relay.

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» Interview with Timo Sild
» Runner profile Timo Sild

Timo Sild
Nominated for
Winning the silver medal at JWOC long distance in Gothenburg this year. Also his overall victory in M-20 Elite at O-Ringen 2008.

Timo Sild considered the 2008 season to be the most interesting season he has ever experienced. Sild, who loves long trainings (running for 2h, swimming fo 2h or skiing for 3h), won the silver medal at the Junior World Champs long distance in Gothenburg this year.

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