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Poll: Orienteering Achievement of 2008 - Men

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Welcome to the poll for the Orienteering Achievement of 2008 - Men, organized by World of O and Ultimate Orienteering. The poll will be open from November 28th until December 9th.
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» Interview with Tero Föhr
» Runner profile Tero Föhr

Tero Föhr
Nominated for
Winning his first big international victories in 2008 - winning two World Cup races, and overall winner in M-21 Super Elite at O-ringen.

Tero Föhr experienced this season his first real year as a professional orienteer. "The two World Cup competition victories are of course my main highlights of this season. And also the overall victory at O-ringen as a fourth Finn in long history." - Tero Föhr

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» Interview with Francois Gonon
» Runner profile Francois Gonon

Francois Gonon
Nominated for
A very strong Bronze medal at the WOC Long distance 2008 - climbing out of the shadows of Thierry Gueorgiou - showing that French Orienteering is a lot more than Gueorgiou!

- Actually I'm not sure if my biggest achievement was to get a bronze medal in long distance in the World Champs or "almost" manage to reach a 4000m legendary summit in the French Alps. Both experiences were extremely challenging and I was immediately thinking to try again with "better style" the next time, Francois Gonon explains his highlights of the season - and his goals for reaching even higher next time! Gonon took the first French WOC medal on the long distance - and also the first individual French WOC medal by anyone else than Thierry Gueorgiou.

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» Interview with Thierry Gueorgiou
» Runner profile Thierry Gueorgiou

Thierry Gueorgiou
Nominated for
Taking his 5th WOC Middle distance gold medal in six years: The King of Middle Distance managed to defend his throne again!

- I was a turbulent child who discovered orienteering at the age of 4, Thierry Gueorgiou says in this interview. Gueorgiou is known as The King of Middle Distance, but this year there was even more attention around the "lost" gold medal in the WOC Relay. Gueorgiou however worked hard mentally, and managed to get back in the top at the World Cup in Sälen only days after the tough WOC Relay experience.

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» Interview with Daniel Hubmann
» Runner profile Daniel Hubmann

Daniel Hubmann
Nominated for
Finally winning a WOC title after being very close for several years - his WOC long distance gold medal was very deserved and popular. Also: Victory in overall World Cup 2008.

- 2012 is already in my head - then the World Champs are held in Switzerland. I’m dreaming of winning WOC Gold in all 4 disciplines in my career, Daniel Hubmann explains in this interview. Hubmann had seven WOC and EOC silver medals before he took his Gold medal over the long distance in Olomouc in 2008 - now he has only 3 disciplines to go.

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» Interview with Andrey Khramov
» Runner profile Andrey Khramov

Andrey Khramov
Nominated for
Previously being the man of the tough, long and warm races - this year he proved to be the World's best sprinter - taking the Gold Medal at the sprint distance at the World Orienteering Champs in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

- I'm just a simple man. I have a family: a wife - Nadja, a son Sasha and a cat Masha. This is how Andrey Khramov - one of the best orienteers in the World in this century - presents himself. He is known as the orienteer who gets better the hotter the temperature - and also as one of the fastest orienteers on the track. After WOC Gold medals on Long and Relay from earlier years, he won a convincing Gold medal at the sprint distance in this years World Orienteering Championships in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

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» Interview with Anders Nordberg
» Runner profile Anders Nordberg

Anders Nordberg
Nominated for
Two more big steps on the ladder for this popular Norwegian. His first WOC silver medal over the long distance - and his first World Cup victory at O-festivalen, Oslo, Norway.

“The silver medal in WOC long distance.” Anders Nordberg answered when we asked him about his personal highlight of the 2008 season. Nordberg won his first WOC silver medal on the long distance - and achieved his first World Cup victory at the annual O-festivalen, Oslo, Norway.

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» Interview with Michal Smola
» Runner profile Michal Smola

Michal Smola
Nominated for
Managing the big pressure at home ground - with his Silver medal on the WOC Middle distance becoming the first Czech man to take an individual WOC medal since the Gold Medals of Petr Kozák in 1991.

- I ran a good race without any major mistakes but I still could not believe that I was second, Michal Smola says after winning a very popular silver medal at home ground in Olomouc - the first by a Czech man since the gold medals of Petr Kozák in 1991.

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» Interview with Jamie Stevenson
» Runner profile Jamie Stevenson

Jamie Stevenson
Nominated for
Coming out of the forest as the winner in one of the most special thrillers the orienteering world has seen: The 2008 WOC Relay.

- Running up the finish straight at the WOC Relay with my team and meeting our coach and friend Dave Peel was the highlight of the season, Jamie Stevenson explains his very best memories of the 2008 season. Stevenson took home the victory for Great Britain in one of the most special orienteering thrillers the orienteering world has seen - the WOC Relay - after delivering a fantastic performance on the last leg, suprising everybody by coming in first. His teammates Graham Gristwood and Jon Duncan are also a very important part of this achievement.

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» Interview with Dimitry Tsvetkov
» Runner profile Dimitry Tsvetkov

Dimitry Tsvetkov
Nominated for
The big surprise of 2008 when coming from "nowhere" and taking the gold medal over the long distance in EOC in Latvia. He was accused for following - but has since shown that he really belongs to the world orienteering elite.

Dimitry Tsvetkov was the big surprise of the European Orienteering Championship 2008 in Ventspils - Latvia, winning 2 Gold medals. Very few knew much about this young Russian, although he had won the JWOC long distance in Estonia in 2003.

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» Interview with Emil Wingstedt
» Runner profile Emil Wingstedt

Emil Wingstedt
Nominated for
Winning four EOC sprint gold medals of four possible - the last one in this years EOC in Latvia.

- The highlight for me was the first two races of the season EOC sprint and long distance, Emil Wingstedt explains. The rest of the year was spoiled by a cold during the World Orienteering Champs, and several illnesses in the early autumn Wingstedt. Wingstedts goals for the near future? He hopes to be able to run two more WOCs in his career, in which he especially aims for a medal in the long distance.

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