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Poll: Orienteering Achievement of 2008 - Women

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Welcome to the poll for the Orienteering Achievement of 2008 - Women, organized by World of O and Ultimate Orienteering. The poll will be open from November 28th until December 9th.
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» Interview with Marianne Andersen
» Runner profile Marianne Andersen

Marianne Andersen
Nominated for
Came back and took a silver medal in WOC Long distance after lots of injury trouble all of the year - running most of the WOC Long distance race with only one contact lens.

- Because I was injured most of the winter and spring, WOC in Czech Republic became not only my main goal, but in many ways also my only goal this season, Marianne Andersen explains her season. Andersen has grown to become one of the big profiles in international orienteering with individual World Championship medals 3 years in a row. This year she got another silver medal - a very impressive result with the preparations she had.

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» Interview with Annika Billstam
» Runner profile Annika Billstam

Annika Billstam
Nominated for
Her breakthrough in 2008 with her first medal in the World Champs with Bronze medal on the Long distance.

Annika Billstram’s highlight of 2008? "World Champs with no doubt. Suddenly my dream was so unbelievably close to reality. The feeling was that I’ve won a bonze medal, not just missing the gold. It was fantastic." In 2009 Billstram will focus on WOC in Hungary, but preparing for WOC in Norway 2010 is also important to her the coming year she told.

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» Interview with Dana Brozkova
» Runner profile Dana Brozkova

Dana Brozkova
Nominated for
Winner of an immensely popular Gold medal at the WOC Long distance at home ground in Olomouc, Czech Republic - under a lot of pressure from the big home crowd.

- It was a great chance, but there was also a big pressure from myself and from the fans. I am really happy that I managed to win the gold medal. It was like a dream, Dana Brozkova comments her fantastic 2008 season highlight. Her Gold medal at the World Orienteering Champs at home ground in Olomouc was immensely popular among the home crowd - and a great achievement by an athlete who has improved year by year with this Champs on home ground as a goal.

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» Interview with Radka Brozkova
» Runner profile Radka Brozkova

Radka Brozkova
Nominated for
Her breakthrough in 2008 with her first medal in WOC; a very popular Bronze medal at the middle distance on home ground.

This year Radka Bro˛kovį had her breakthrough with her first medal in WOC; a bronze medal at the middle distance. The future plans of this 5th year student of medicine studies? “I have some goals - to stay healthy ,to be able to improve my orienteering skills and have a joy from this sport!” - Radka Bro˛kovį.

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» Interview with Anne Margrethe Hausken
» Runner profile Anne Margrethe Hausken

Anne Margrethe Hausken
Nominated for
Dominating the Sprint distance in International Orienteering in 2008 with victories in all International Sprint races this year - including the World Orienteering Champs and the European Champs. Also a clear overall World Cup victory, after a total dominance at O-Ringen in Sälen - winning the World Cup already months before the World Cup Finals.

"I will never forget O-ringen in Sälen… Winning 3 WC-races in a row, getting the WC overall victory there even with the two final races to go - and in the end also winning O-ringen for the first time“ Anne Margrethe Hausken answered asking her about her highlight of the 2008 season. Hausken really dominated the sprint distance in international orienteering this year.

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» Interview with Helena Jansson
» Runner profile Helena Jansson

Helena Jansson
Nominated for
WOC Breakthrough in 2008 with her first individual WOC-medal: Sprint Bronze. Also decided EOC Relay for Sweden.

- If I could only run one discipline each Championships, it would always be the relay, Helena Jansson says in this Interview. One of her big highlights in 2008 was therefore deciding the EOC Relay for Sweden on the last leg. Jansson has taken another major step up as an orienteer with her first individual WOC medal this year.

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» Interview with Minna Kauppi
» Runner profile Minna Kauppi

Minna Kauppi
Nominated for
Winning Gold at both WOC middle and relay, and silver at the WOC sprint - thus becoming the Queen of the World Orienteering Champs in Olomouc - on top when it really counts!

- The highlight was definitely the performance and the victory in WOC middle distance as I really had thought to make IT, Minna Kauppi comments her fantastic 2008 season. This year Kauppi achieved a lot of fantastic results but she is aiming for even more in the future. - I still have a lot to improve in orienteering both mentally and physically, and I have to work on it in order to get some more golden ones, Kauppi says with her usual big smile...

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» Interview with Vroni König-Salmi
» Runner profile Vroni König-Salmi

Vroni König-Salmi
Nominated for
Comeback of the year with her silver medal in the WOC 2008 Middle Distance - 19 years after her debut in Sweden in 1989.

Vroni König-Salmi had a fantastic comeback this year with a silver medal in the WOC 2008 middle distance. Concentration on the important things on the important time was the key to this achievement, Vroni König-Salmi explains. Nevertheless, her silver medal was a surprise to everyone - especially to herself...

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» Interview with Merja Rantanen
» Runner profile Merja Rantanen

Merja Rantanen
Nominated for
Breakthrough into the World Orienteering Elite with her Silver medal at the European Champs over the Middle distance - and continuing with Gold medal at the WOC Relay along with the Finish Team.

- One of the my dreams became true: I won world championship with my team at relay, Merja Rantanen explains. Rantanen won the silver medal at EOC middle distance and the gold medal with her team at WOC relay. Besides being practically almost full time orienteer she is also mother of a 1 and half year old son and she helps her parents with their duties at their farm.

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» Interview with Signe Sųes
» Runner profile Signe Sųes

Signe Sųes
Nominated for
Real breakthrough in 2008 going from a top-15 runner to a Top-5 runner with 5th spot in the WOC Long Distance and second and third position in the World Cup final races as the top results.

- I would love to say, that I was a professional orienteer – but reality is, that I have a full time study at the University besides the training, Signe Sųes comments on her status as an athlete. Nevertheless, Sųes has managed to make several big steps this year - going from a 13th place in the overall World Cup in 2007 to a 5th place in the overall World Cup in 2008.

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