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Poll: Orienteering Achievement of 2010 - Men

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Welcome to the poll for the Orienteering Achievement of 2010 - Men, organized by World of O and Ultimate Orienteering. The poll will be open from November 30th until December 6th.
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» Runner profile Daniel Hubmann

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Daniel Hubmann
Nominated for
Despite continuous problems with his Achilles tendon starting in May, he managed to compete on a very high level through the season and proving that he is the world’s overall best by winning the World Cup with a big margin.

Finally got his big win at WOC long 2008, after four silver medals at EOC and three in WOC. The dominant male runner in the world in both 2008 and 2009. Has a lot of self confidence as he knows that nobody in the field can run away from him in the forest, he is strong in all terrain types, and he has a good last sprint. Originally a carpenter, but turned professional and made orienteering his profession. Awarded the Orienteering Achievement of 2009 for being the first male orienteer, who wins medals in all 4 disciplines in one World Championships, 2 of them gold. Awarded the Orienteering Achievement of the year 2008 after finally winning a WOC title after being very close for several years - his WOC long distance gold medal was very deserved and popular.

» Runner profile Fabian Hertner

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Fabian Hertner
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With an enormous speed and great technical skills in a challenging course, Fabian Hertner showed a new level for sprint orienteering. He was in his own class, 26 sec before silver.

On top already as a junior with JWOC gold medal on homeground in 2005. Stepped up as one of the top Swiss runners behind Daniel Hubmann with his silver medal in WOC 2009 in Hungary. In 2010 he stabilized on a very high level - winning the sprint in the European Champs in Bulgaria. Showed at EOC in 2010 that he is not only a sprinter by taking the bronze medal at a tough long distance race. Injured and had to DNF at the long distance final after a very good start of the race. Nominated for the Orienteering Achievement of 2009 for coming out from the shadows of the big Swiss stars, taking a surprising Silver medal in the World Championships Sprint.

» Runner profile Frederic Tranchand

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Frederic Tranchand
Nominated for
In his second senior year he was the biggest shock of WOC 2010 with his bronze medal in the sprint race - coming from "nowhere"! His speed and orienteering, showed a new level that almost gave him gold.

Frederic Tranchand has set the base by continous progress over the recent year - but still nobody expected him to go all the way to a WOC medal already in 2010. His best result in an individual World Cup race prior to the WOC sprint was a 16th place at the sprint in the Nordic Champs in Finland in 2009 - but Tranchand got his first international senior championships medal already at the European Champs this year - with a silver medal as part of the French relay team. The WOC Sprint was tailor-made for his abilities and he took this chance in an impressive way.

» Runner profile Carl Waaler Kaas

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Carl Waaler Kaas
Nominated for
An ankle-injury ahead of WOC meant he couldn’t run the last weeks before the championship on home soil - a return of the nightmare from WOC 2009 in Hungary. Still he came as a surprise for many and took the gold medal in the Middle distance.

Was on his way to a regular place in the national team in 2006, which included a bronze medal in the EOC-relay. But for the rest of 2006 and for 2007 his body did not responded well to his training and his progress stopped and he had to start from scratch again. Back for his WOC-debut in 2008, getting a strong 11th place after replacing Olav Lundanes on short notice. Took another big step in 2009, and got his first World Cup victory on home soil in Oslo in June. Got injured ahead of WOC 2009 - missing the final in the WOC 2009 long distance qualification after running with a broken toe(!) The nightmare returned in 2010 with an ankle-injury a few weeks ahead of WOC 2010 on home ground - however this time the story had an happy-ending giving a WOC gold medal to Kaas. A true fighter and a positive top-athlete.

» Runner profile Olav Lundanes

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Olav Lundanes
Nominated for
WOC Gold in Long distance: a fantastic performance and a fantastic athlete in a course where everyone except Lundanes made mistakes. Like a tank which crosses all resistance.

A big star already as a junior - taking two gold and two silver at JWOC 2007. He also won the long distance and the relay in 2005, not yet 18 years old. Ran sprint at WOC 2007 still as a junior. His big strength is in the forest on longer races, he nevertheless finished 4th in the forest sprint at WOC 2009. Training a lot - steadily improving his orienteering technique. At only 22 years of age he won the Long distance in WOC with his best performance so far. Also improving a lot as relay runner for Halden SK. Nominated for the Junior of the year 2006 for one silver and two bronze at JWOC 2006. Thomas Bührer: - It was impressive to see his iron determination in television already at the first control.

» Runner profile Valentin Novikov

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Valentin Novikov
Nominated for
His middle distance race at EOC was incredible: In a course that should not differ much, the Russian had his own speed this day. A winning margin of 1:21 is truly impressive! Also very impressive last leg at WOC 2010 relay!

His breakthrough was the gold medals at EOC in Ukraine 2000 - he then came back for his next individual championships gold medal by winning the EOC middle distance in Bulgaria exactly 10 years later. Strong runner in continental forest, but often struggles on very long courses and hot weather. His first WOC gold medal came when he anchored his russian team to the relay gold in WOC 2006. Also won the EOC relay in 2008 and decided Jukola 2008 in favour of his team Delta. Nominated for the Orienteering Achievement of 2006 for as anchor bringing Russia to a historic World Championship gold in the Relay. Novikov's run on the last leg was one of the highlights of the 2006 World Championships.

» Runner profile Matthias Müller

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Matthias Müller
Nominated for
Took the final step to the top with gold at the WOC 2010 sprint after being in the shadows of the younger Swiss top stars for years. Among all the hugely talented Swiss youngsters, the few years older Müller has never been a big talent, but has fought his way up to top with determination and huge inner will. Impressive!

Strong sprinter, but also a good relay and middle distance runner. Made his WOC debut in 2005, and despite many solid performances since, he has never come out of the shadows of the other Swiss runners like Hubmann, Merz and Hertner until at the sprint at WOC 2010. His big day before 2010 was the 4th spot in WOC 2009 middle distance - but only 3rd of the Swiss runners (behind Hubmann and Merz). Took gold medal at EOC 2010 relay with Switzerland after being put into the team just hours ahead of the start due to an eye injury of Daniel Hubmann. Has done several good performances in the PostFinance Sprint (World Cup Finals) with 2nd spot in 2007 and 2010.

» Runner profile Andrey Khramov

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Andrey Khramov
Nominated for
WOC gold medal in all World Championships since 2005 - that makes six in a row without missing a single beat! A man for the right occasion. Just impressive!

Strong russian runner who surprised everybody by winning JWOC in Bulgaria as an 18-year old in 1999. His gold medal in Japan 2005 was Russias first ever in senior foot-orienteering. Won the relay for Russia in 2006 and 2007. Started the WOC 2008 with a sprint gold - his 4th WOC-gold, and took another WOC gold medal at the sprint in 2009 in Hungary - giving him a gold medal in 5 World Orienteering Championships in a row! In 2010 he extended his impressive series to 6 gold medals with the relay gold at the World Championships in Trondheim! Nominated for Orienteering Achievement of the year 2008 after previously being the man of the tough, long and warm races - this year he proved to be the World's best sprinter - taking the Gold Medal at the sprint distance in 2008.

» Runner profile Anders Nordberg

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Anders Nordberg
Nominated for
His decisive solo Jukola run: Alone in front - running on the course of the year - the most difficult night-o course in maybe 29 years, and leaving all the other elite teams far behind. The people’s wildcard of 2010.

Famous for changing over first after the long night in Tiomila three consecutive years (05, 06, 07). The big star of the Nordic "Micr-o" Champs in Norway in 2005 with three gold medals - but had to wait another three years for his first World Cup victory in Norway in late June 2008. He continued his success with a silver medal at the long distance in WOC 2008 in Olomouc. In WOC 2009 he was on his way to a medal on the last leg of the relay for Norway, but stopped along with France and Czech Republic to help an injured Martin Johansson (Sweden), giving up his medal chances. Nominated for Orienteering Achievement of the year 2008 after climbing two more big steps on the ladder. His first WOC silver medal over the long distance - and his first World Cup victory at O-festivalen, Oslo, Norway.

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