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Poll: Orienteering Achievement of 2010 - Women

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Welcome to the poll for the Orienteering Achievement of 2010 - Women, organized by World of O and Ultimate Orienteering. The poll will be open from November 30th until December 6th.
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» Runner profile Simone Niggli

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Simone Niggli
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Only a few might know that her physical capability this year was better than ever before. Any terrain, any time. Her ever-growing medal collection proves, that orienteering is not based on luck. Incredible!

One of our members of the jury named Simone "a living legend". During the World Orienteering Championships in Trondheim, Norway she achieved her 17th World Champion title. She made a comeback in 2009 after being away from orienteering 2008 due to giving birth to her daughter Malin, and managed to get back to the top. Struggling a bit with the technique right after her comeback, but steadily improved back towards the old level throughout 2009 and 2010.

» Runner profile Marianne Andersen

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Marianne Andersen
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After a lot health problems in the Spring of 2010, many gave her up for the World Champs. But Andersen fought back and in the end she won medals in all four World Championship races.

Marianne is known for the large amount of hours she trains every year, more than 900 hours a year! This is also more than almost all the men... After a lot of silver and bronze medals she won last year finally a gold medal during the World Championships.

» Runner profile Ida Bobach

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Ida Bobach
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Being the number one junior star for the last couple of years she entered the senior world with a bang - impressive relay races and a 3rd place in the World Cup Final at the PostFinance Sprint. At an age of only 19, Ida showed that the gap to the best runners in the world is very short.

The public of the Junior World Championships last year got used to see the sympathetic Dane on all podiums available. The little sister of Christian and Søren Bobach doesn’t seem ready to stop her fulminating success path, especially on her home ground... Now she has made, still being a junior, her entree in the senior competitions as well. "- In 10 years I am a senior World Champ! But that is just a dream. I think that in 10 years I am spending much time on elite orienteering and I am trying to be the world’s best orienteer." that is what she said about two years ago. She gets closer and closer to that goal!

» Runner profile Helena Jansson

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Helena Jansson
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After taking the victory in sprint during the World Championships in 2009 she managed to beat Simone Niggli after during the European Championships this year. She lost the victory of the World Championships this year by a tiny margin of only 7 tenth of a second. This makes her a like able star.

Helena Jansson has always been among the best in her country if you look at her results for the past 10 years in Sweden. "Sprint queen of the season" and "intelligent dynamite" just two examples of how the jury described Helena. Jansson is a very stable runner. Very consistent in her performance over the past years. She had her brake through as a senior back in 2007 and continued all the way up to the top of the ladder the years after. The positive vibe she spreads around her makes her a joy for the spectators.

» Runner profile Minna Kauppi

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Minna Kauppi
Nominated for
"Her two WOC gold medals deserve a place in the sun" one of the members of the jury said. Minna ran a great middle distance race and was priced by the jury for her battle with Marianne Andersen on the last leg of the relay. An epic titan battle.

A fast runner, who has constantly improved stability in her performances over the past year. When she finds the fighting-spirit, she’s unbeatable, and seemingly enjoys showing it to everybody. Sometimes however she falls a bit back in her performance making her coaches nervous but marvelously entertains the public.

» Runner profile Anni-Maija Fincke

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Anni-Maija Fincke
Nominated for
Anni-Maija ran an impressive last leg of the Jukola-relay and brought home her team Tampereen Pyrintö the overall victory. Everybody who watched the GPS tracking was impressed by this perfect and cool race in front in such a pressured position.

Earlier this year, during the European Championships in Bulgaria, she took with her teammates the second spot of the relay. A couple of months later she and her teammates grabbed the victory in relay during the World Champs in Trondheim. During the World Championships in Trondheim Anni-Maija took the victory on relay with her teammates.

» Runner profile Emma Claesson

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Emma Claesson
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After years close to the world top, but many unsuccessful World Championship races, Emma made an impressive comeback with bronze medals at the World Championship long distance and relay. It is always satisfying to see somebody succeeds after long hard work.

Has been a part of the world elite since winning a World Cup race in 2000. Physically very strong and has her best results in the past from long distance and sprint. After a period with less good results she found the right flow again and managed to grab a ticket for the World Championships in Trondheim after some good results at the World Championship tests of the Swedish team. "Now I have finally won an individual medal at the World Championships" Claesson reacted this summer after taking the bronze on the long distance.

» Runner profile Vroni König-Salmi

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Vroni König-Salmi
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Top 10 in all individual EOC and World Championship races 2010 (twice podium), in the age of 41 (4 children). She run her first WOC in 1989, when many of her today's colleagues were not even born yet...

An incredible career, she has participated in all World Championships since 1989, except for 2007 in Ukraine. She had to wait for 7th World Championships before she took her first gold medal, a historical one, as she became the first ever World Champion on the new sprint distance in 2001. She was also the first European Champion on sprint the year after.

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