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Poll: Orienteering Achievement of 2017 - Women

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Welcome to the poll for the Orienteering Achievement of 2017 - Women, organized by World of O. The poll will be open from December 7th until December 12th.
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» Runner profile Tove Alexandersson

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Tove Alexandersson
Nominated for
Winning both individual forest gold medals at WOC for the second year in a row - and topping it up with running Sweden into WOC relay gold. Add to that the victory in the overall World Cup both in foot orienteering and in ski orienteering, several World Cup victories and numerous other top results. Amazing results, amazing stability!

The World Championships didn’t start in the best way for Tove Alexandersson. After a good Sprint Qualification race, Alexandersson caught a cold and had to skip the Sprint Final. The question marks where there ahead of the middle distance - would Alexandersson get another championships like 2015 were injuries at the Sprint Qualification ruined the rest of the championships? But no, Alexandersson emerged strong as ever and took the remaining gold medals in the championships - the last one together with her team on the relay. The Swedish multi-talent won the World Cup yet another time - both in foot-orienteering and ski-orienteering. No words.

» Runner profile Natalia Gemperle

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Natalia Gemperle
Nominated for
Showed that she is complete runner - with her WOC sprint silver she now has WOC medals in all individual disciplines. Took her first World Cup victory - at the middle distance in Latvia in August - and also took bronze on the WOC long distance, silver on the WOC relay and two World Games medals.

Natalia Gemperle got her big breakthrough last season with individual WOC medals at both long distance and middle distance. This year she took another step both in the forest and in the urban sprint discipline: In sprint she took the step up to the WOC medals also in sprint - in the forest she took her first ever World Cup victory. She now has individual WOC medals in all disciplines - and has shown that she can beat everybody on the big occasions. Her stability is also impressive: This year on world cup stages her placing was never lower than 7th place, with 7 podiums in total.

» Runner profile Marianne Andersen

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Marianne Andersen
Nominated for
A fantastic comeback on international level - taking her 7th WOC medal 7 years after her 6th. Years of struggles while never giving up really paid off for Andersen!

Marianne Andersen’ was one of the biggest stars of orienteering between 2006 and 2010 - taking double silver medals both at WOC and EOC in 2006 - and winning another 4 WOC silver medals between 2007 and 2010. But then Andersen struggled with injuries for several years - being away from the sport between 2011 and 2015, but still pushing on, training after training, determined to get back to the top. The power, the will, the patience in one place! The silver of this year is not the end, it is just a new beginning!?

» Runner profile Simona Aebersold

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Simona Aebersold
Nominated for
Simona Aebersold took all three individual gold medals and a relay silver medal at this year’s JWOC in Finland - that’s the second year in a row where the young swiss runner travels home from JWOC with 3 gold medals, and it was her third JWOC Sprint gold in a row!

Six JWOC gold medals in 2 years - what a success and stability by young Swiss runner Simona Aebersold. Winning three gold medals on home ground in Switzerland is one thing - repeating it in tough Scandinavian terrain is an even bigger achievement. Aebersold did however move to Finland to prepare in the best possible way. On national level Aebersold shows that she can beat the very best on a good day - it will be very interesting to see what Aebersold can do when she get to compete with the World’s best in the international races. Photo: Kimmo Hirvonen

» Runner profile Maja Alm

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Maja Alm
Nominated for
Wins the WOC sprint title for the third time in a row - and at the same time winning an amazing silver medal at WOC long distance. Repeating a success is never easy - Alm did it wonderfully!

Maja Alm has dominated the sprint discipline the last years - simply running away from the competition. This year she took another big step by winning the silver medal at one of the forest races at the WOC - the long distance in very tough Estonian terrain. Another step on her way to become a complete orienteer. In addition Alm might be aiming for the Olympics in athletics - after running several excellent races on the track this year.

» Runner profile Elena Roos

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Elena Roos
Nominated for
Elena Roos has taken impressive steps this season - from being a sprint talent in 2016 to become a complete orienteer in 2017 with a World Cup victory over long distance, a World Games silver medal, a World Cup 2nd place sprint and Top 6 results in both long and sprint disciplines at WOC.

Elena Roos has really impressed the orienteering world with fantastic results this year - being strong in all disciplines, and suprising everybody including herself by winning the long distance World Cup race at home ground over long distance. What can this woman from the Italian part of Switzerland do at the European Championships on home ground in Ticino next year?

» Runner profile Venla Harju

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Venla Harju
Nominated for
Coming back to win a medal at the World Champs Middle distance was a very big personal victory for Venla Harju after having some very tough years following her success on home ground in Finland four years earlier. The WOC relay silver medal was the icing on the cake.

Being a top athlete is not always easy, with lots of pressure from all sides, most of all from yourself. Venla Harju is one of many athletes who felt this strongly with a long "burn out period" in 2014-2016 - telling the world about her struggles in an open letter in 2016. Her rise back to top level with the WOC medals in Estonia tasted extremely well, and impressed everybody knowing her story immensely!

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