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Poll: Orienteering Achievement of 2018 - Women

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Welcome to the poll for the Orienteering Achievement of 2018 - Women, organized by World of O. The poll will be open from December 13th until December 18th.
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» Runner profile Tove Alexandersson

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Tove Alexandersson
Nominated for
Seven medals at the European and World Championships, of those four gold medals and medals in all five disciplines

The Swedish multi-talent never stops impressing. This year Alexandersson dared to go for all disciplines in the World Championships, being awarded with medals in all disciplines except for the Middle where she showed her human side and did some big mistakes. However, with the silver medal from the European Championships Middle she still won medals in all disciplines. Alexandersson also won the Orienteering World Cup yet another time, and even showed the rest of the sports world her extreme capabilities by becoming SKY World Champion. Highly impressive! Photo: Janis Ligats, WOC2018

» Runner profile Natalia Gemperle

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Natalia Gemperle
Nominated for Taking the step to the top of the podium - winning the World Orienteering Championships Middle

Natalia Gemperle had individual WOC medals in all disciplines ahead of the 2018-season - and had shown both impressive stability and that she can beat everybody on her best days. Getting it all out on the World Championships to win the gold medal is something special, though. Gemperle took the opportunity with both hands when Alexandersson struggled in the forest, and won her first WOC gold medal at the WOC middle distance. A nice and warming side story: Natalias twin sister Olga won the World Championships in MTBO over the Middle distance one day later! Photo: Janis Ligats, WOC2018

» Runner profile Isia Basset

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Isia Basset
Nominated for
The biggest surprise of the orienteering season - bronze medal at WOC Middle and first ever for a French woman

To say that Isia Basset was not among the main favourites ahead of WOC Middle 2018 is an understatement - her best World Cup result was a 16th place from the WOC Sprint in Strömstad back in 2016. But the French woman showed that with the best shape, right focus for the right distance and an excellent race plan everything is possible! This is the first medal for a French woman at WOC level ever - going in the footsteps of the stong men, including her brother Lucas. Photo: Janis Ligats, WOC2018

» Runner profile Marika Teini

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Marika Teini
Nominated for Amazing victory at the EOC Middle in Switzerland - continuing to show class at WOC with silver

Teini had shown the potential with some podiums in the World Cup in 2016 and 2017, but she did still amaze everyone with her victory at the Middle at the European Championships in Switzerland. She managed to keep cool and get her tight victory in the very tough, Swiss-friendly terrain, beating the almighty Tove Alexanderson and all of the strong, great Swiss girls on their home soil. Next, she proved that she can perform well in various terrains, as she won the silver medal at the very tricky middle distance in the world champs in Latvia. With that she is clearly the overall best Middle distance runner in the championships in 2018. Photo: Matias Salonen, IOF

» Runner profile Karolin Ohlsson

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Karolin Ohlsson
Nominated for
Into the World Orienteering Elite with a big BOOM: 3 - 2 - 2 - 1 in the final part of the World Cup and 2nd in the overall World Cup

Karolin Ohlsson has been promising for years, but this year she has taken a big step up as an orienteer, being stronger both physically and mentally. Part of this is seen as her role in the Swedish relay team where she has been stepping out of Tove Alexandersson's shadow and becoming the woman who decides in relays for Sweden. Another part is her individual performances where she was the best woman in the final part of the World Cup. First she took her first two podiums at the World Cup Long and Chasing start in Norway, then she continued with a second place in the KO Sprint World Cup race in Czech Republic before finally climbing to the top of the podium with victory in the World Cup Final Middle distance. Photo: Mareks Galinovskis, WOC2018

» Runner profile Maja Alm

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Maja Alm
Nominated for WOC Sprint Gold for the 4th time in a row - always at the top when it really counts!

Maja Alm has dominated the sprint discipline the last years - simply running away from the competition. This year she struggled more in the races in the run-up towards WOC, even missing the Sprint medal at the European Championships with only a 4th place. At the World Championships the Danish runner again showed what she is made of, and took her fourth WOC Sprint gold in a row. And to top that up, she also took the second WOC Long silver medal in a row, and nearly single-handedly won a medal for Denmark at the Sprint Relay. Interesting side story: Alm is aiming for the Olympics in athletics. Photo: Matias Salonen, IOF

» Runner profile Csilla Gardonyi

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Csilla Gardonyi
Nominated for
Gold and bronze at JWOC middle and sprint - first ever JWOC Gold for Hungary's women at the age of 17

17-year old Csilla Gardonyi won the sprint at the European Youth Championships just a week ahead of the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) on homeground. At the start of JWOC she impressed everyone by taking the bronze at the Sprint, but her Middle victory was even more impressive. She also finished 9th at the long distance: 3 Top10 finishes from a 17 year-old girl at JWOC is highly impressive! Photo: JWOC2018

» Runner profile Judith Wyder

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Judith Wyder
Nominated for
A wonderful comeback-year with three WOC medals and three EOC medals after childbirth

Judith Wyder has been part of the orienteering elite for 10 years, but last season she took a year off due to childbirth. This year the Swiss woman wisely decided to put the focus where she could make the big results in the championships: On Sprint and on the relays. This decision gave her individual Sprint medals both at WOC and EOC and some fantastic experiences with her teammates, being a central part of the victories in the forest relays at both WOC and EOC, the victory at EOC Sprint Relay and the silver at WOC Sprint Relay. This also marks Wyder's withdrawal from the international orienteering scene; other sports challenges without map are now now ahead. Photo: Matias Salonen, IOF

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